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Welcome to Smart Profit School! My name is Jan and I’m honored to show you how to start your online business from scratch.

I can’t promise you quick riches over night, but I will do my best to teach you everything I have learned so far.

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Best Passive Income Tips for 2023

Passive income is a term that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, finding ways to earn money without actively spending your time can be incredibly appealing. Passive income is income that you earn without having to put in ongoing effort…

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Best Cheap Hosting Deals (Updated for 2022)

If you’re planning to start your blog now, it’s a good idea to check the current deals of web hosting providers. To save you a huge amount of time, I put together a quick list of the best cheap hosting deals of this year. As hosting services continue to lower their prices, anyone can create…

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40 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs (Updated for 2022)

Most affiliate partners offer one-time payouts after you bring them a new customer, but some will provide recurring affiliate programs so you’ll get paid repeatedly each and every month. This means that you’ll get a commission on monthly basis as long as the customer you brought is paying his monthly subscription. That’s right, all you…

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Cloudways vs WP Engine (Which One Is Worth Your Money?)

Recently, I was quite shocked how poorly managed WordPress hosting from WP Engine performed against much cheaper plan from DreamHost, so I wanted to give WP Engine yet another chance. In this post, you’ll find out how it compares to Cloudways, another well-know and respected hosting provider that allows you to choose your own server…

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DreamHost vs WP Engine (Can David beat Goliath?)

Both DreamHost and WP Engine are well-known and respected providers of quality WordPress hosting services. In my opinion, DreamHost belongs to the mid-tier group of WordPress hosting along with Bluehost and SiteGround. By the way, those three providers are officially endorsed by the authors of WordPress, so mid-tier does not mean anything wrong. Source: wordpress.org…

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