Top Affiliate Marketing Deals in 2022 (Highest-Paying Websites & Services)

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It’s estimated that in the U.S. business will spend more than $8 billion on affiliate marketing. That’s a lot of money and you can take your part.

You don’t have to create products or offer services. All you need to make money is a website.

Read on to find out the top affiliate marketing deals in 2022 that will bring you the biggest commissions for your marketing efforts.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links for products I use and love. This means if you click on such a link and take action (like subscribe, or make a purchase), I may receive some coffee money at no extra cost to you. This helps me create more content free of charge for you. And, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support!

What is an affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing.

This means that a business rewards affiliate for each customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

It’s a process by which an affiliate earns a commission for company’s products.

How do I start my affiliate marketing?

There’s a great article on how start and succeed with affiliate marketing, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate and dive in, but in a nutshell, you need to:

  • Decide on a marketing platform
  • Choose your target audience
  • Join suitable affiliate programs
  • Create amazing content
  • Drive traffic to your platform
  • Get clicks on your affiliate links
  • Convert clicks to sales

Top affiliate marketing deals in 2022

  1. DreamHost (up to $150)
  2. WP Engine (up to $200)
  3. Bluehost (up to $65)
  4. ShareASale (up to $150)
  5. Zenefits (up to $250)
  6. Skillshare (up to $67)
  7. Semrush (up to $200)
  8. FreshBooks (up to $200)
  9. Sendinblue (up to $100)

1. DreamHost (up to $150)

DreamHost is one of the most trusted hosting companies providing web hosting services. It’s endorsed by WordPress and it offers great deals for its customers.


DreamHost offers multiple hosting services, but I personally recommend DreamPress which is a premium WordPress hosting.

If you refer just 5 customers with DreamPress, your payout will be a whopping $750 after the trial period which lasts 97 days.

Here’s my latest conversion report with 12 conversions and $1,860 payout.

Report Summary

Promoting DreamPress is really easy because the service is really top-notch and people are usually very happy with the quality of their WordPress performance.

2. WP Engine (up to $200)


WP Engine offers premium hosting services focused on top-notch quality, performance and speed.

Monthly sales with bonuses

As you can see from the table above, WP Engine rewards you for sending multiple referrals per month.

This means that if you send just 5 referrals, you still earn extra bonus commissions of $100.

Commissions are managed by ShareASale where you’ll see immediately your current payouts with lock date.

3. Bluehost (up to $65)

Bluehost is another great hosting service recognized and recommended by the authors of WordPress publishing platform.


You’ll get $65 for each qualified referral. To make sure that you always get credit, Bluehost has a custom tracking system that stays on customer’s browser for 90 days.

This means that you can get the sale even if you customer does not commit right away. Of course, unless he clears their browser cache and cookies.

4. ShareASale (up to $150)


ShareASale is an affiliate network that connects over 200,000 partners with online retailers.

Its easy-to-use platform allows content creators to monetize their websites by partnering with their favorite brands.

Payment Statement

ShareASale offers $30 for an affiliate lead and its cookie will last in your reader’s browser for 60 days.

5. Zenefits (up to $250)


Zenefits is an online service that will help you manage human resources.

It offers all the HR tools from streamlined onboarding and easy PTO tracking to org charts, performance reviews and much payroll management.


Zenefits pays $25 for each new signup with 30 days of referral period. But if you create an opportunity, you’ll get a whopping $250 payout.

6. Skillshare (up to $67)


Skillshare recently changed their affiliate program. You no longer earn $7 for every new customer, but you can get up to $67 which is the limit of your 40% commission.

However, if you’re a teacher, you will earn 60% of the first subscription payment for a Skillshare student membership.

My Skillshare Earnings

7. Semrush (up to $200)

Semrush offers dozens of tools for SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis and social media marketing.

It helps businesses grow their organic traffic by uncovering national and local keywords, running SEO audits and daily tracking their SERP positions.


Semrush offers three layers of affiliate payment:

  • $0.01 for every new sign-up
  • $10 for every new trial
  • $200 for every new subscription

You will also benefit from last-click attribution and 120 days of cookie life.

8. FreshBooks (up to $200)

FreshBooks is an online accounting platform that offers easy invoicing and fast payments. They also make it very easy to track everything about your clients.


FreshBooks pays you twice:

  • You get paid $10 when somebody signs up for a trial account
  • You get paid up to $200 when a trial signup upgrades to a paid plan

Here’s a detailed table with plans, commissions and conditions you need follow:

Plan name Commission Conditions
Lite Plan for $4.50/mo $55 Total order must be equal to $15
Plus Plan for $7.50/mo $110 Total order must be equal to $25
Premium Plan for $15/mo $200 Total order must be equal to $50

FreshBooks works with ShareASale affiliate network to provide you commission payments.

There’s a locking period of 35 days for affiliate transactions and you’ll get extend cookie life for 120 days.

9. Sendinblue (up to $100)

This email marketing platform offers very lucrative affiliate deals.


For a free account, you’ll get $5 affiliate commission and when the same user buys a subscription, you’ll receive and additional $100 payment.

Sendinblue uses Tapfiliate network that allows you to monitor your commissions in real time. Cookie duration is 90 days.

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