Create And Sell Your Own iOS Apps Without Any Programming Skills!

You’ve probably heard already about iPhone and iPad. These are very successful devices. App Store is the digital market, where millions of iPhone and iPad users buy applications and games for their devices.

Until recent, it wasn’t possible to tap into this huge business opportunity as a freelance entrepreneur, without a pretty decent knowledge of programming for the iOS operating system.

I don’t say it’s hard or complicated. I am an iOS developer myself and I teach two courses for complete beginners, so if you really want to take this path, you can and it won’t take you more than few hours before you will have your own iOS game ready to sell on App Store.

You can find these courses on my Udemy profile or my own BOHEMIAPPS online school, so it’s really up to you, which is more suitable for you.

The first one is universal iOS game, which means it will work on both iPhone and iPad without the need to create two separate versions. It’s a pretty easy to make puzzle game for kids. The point of this game is to get the snake into the cage without waking it up! Each level is different and harder than the previous one.

Catch The Snake - iOS game from scratch to App Store

Catch The Snake – iOS game from scratch to App Store


The second one is just for iPhone and it’s about escaping the maze full of zombies! You will collect hearts and rescue other people lost in the dungeon!

Zombie Run - scary maze game for iPhone

Zombie Run – scary maze game for iPhone


So, if you want to take advantage of a huge potential and customer base of iOS devices, take these courses and learn step by step how to become the iOS developer, how to design, create and publish your iOS game on the App Store.

But there is another way! Quicker and easier!

You can buy a ready-made template, reskin it and post it to the App Store. You don’t need to spend time with programming. You’ll get the whole package.

It’s quite similar to WordPress templates. You can create your own from the scratch if you want, but people generally prefer buying already made templates they can modify to fit their needs.

In order to modify your WordPress template, you don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to understand HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This approach saves a lot of time and troubles.

There’s a lot of iOS apps templates.

As with WordPress templates, there’s a lot of iOS apps templates. Developers of these templates aren’t interested only in publishing they work on the App Store, they want to sell their work for others as well. Myself included.

But how you can get to those templates? It’s very easy. There’s this specialized marketplace called SellMyApp. Here, you can find a template for pretty much any kind of iOS application, be it a game, fitness or productivity app.

If you like my Catch The Snake or Zombie Run games and can imagine creating their modifications, but you don’t want to spend your time with programming, you can go ahead and buy final products as a template on SellMyApp and reskin them easily.

Catch The Snake template

Catch The Snake template


Karkulka template

Karkulka template


In case you want to know more about this marketplace, head to their tutorial page. It’s a complete package of services. You don’t need to do anything on your side.

SellMyApp will:

  • prepare graphics
  • create screenshots and icons required by the App Store
  • integrate advertising in your app
  • 3 months warranty for flawless code
  • submit the app to the App Store for you

All you have to do is to pick the template you like and they will do the rest for you. This is basically another type of outsourcing. If you don’t have a time or skills to code your own app, you don’t have to anymore, but you can still have your own app on the App Store and profit from it!

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