About Smart Profit School (and me)

Hi, my name is Jan, and I am 40-years-old dad from Czechia, a small country in central Europe. That’s why you might find my English quite funny. I’m still learning and Grammarly helps me a lot.

Me and my daughter Julie

I raise my 7-years-old daughter Julie all by myself since 2016 when her mother (and my wife) died from cancer.

Luckily, we are both healthy. Julie will start school this year, so it will be another big challenge for me as a single parent.

I have a decent job, but I was always intrigued by the idea of financial independence, passive income, and the possibility to make money online.

When my wife died, I wanted (or rather needed) to do something with a spare time I used to spend with her.

Here’s Czechia

Long hard road to passive income

I wasted hours in front of TV or musing about the meaning of life, especially during the evenings when Julie was asleep. One day, I have decided to take some online course about web development.

This was something I liked to do in the past. In 1999 I worked for a German company that was programming web shops for its clients. As a side project, I created my own social network called Talker. This was few years before Mark Zuckerberg got his brilliant idea 🙂

So, in 2016, I was wondering how web development evolved after 17 years. I took some courses on Udemy.com and soon realized that I might be able to create something similar.

With skills I acquired as a web developer, it wasn’t that hard for me to put together few online courses about HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also managed to publish some courses about iPhone apps and games, and I was quite shocked that people actually bought them for real money.

I uploaded an introductory video from one of such courses to YouTube, so you can take a look at what it was like for me in 2016 to start teaching online. This course is obsolete now because iOS evolved a lot since that time. All I have left is an old code nobody would benefit from these days.

Old introductory video to Catch the Snake online course

Nevertheless, this experience motivated me to keep working on new courses which I published on both Udemy and Skillshare.

In 2017 I started to work on my biggest course which took me almost two years to finish.

I called it Total Web Development Course and it’s about becoming a full-stack web developer. This course is still available online, and it generates around $200 per month on average.

Total Web Development Course

Nothing impressive, but this is actually a passive income in its purest form now, because since publishing this course three years ago, I didn’t touch it.

Earnings from Skillshare.com

Zavrel Networks

During my online teaching attempts, I also tried to establish my digital presence the worst possible way imaginable; by creating multiple websites, each focus on a specific topic or audience.

This might not sound as a bad idea. The problem was (and still is) that I struggle to find time for these different projects. When I look back now, I know that I should have stuck with my original domain name zavrel.net where I ran a simple blog about everything and nothing.

Unfortunately, I managed to buy a new domain name and create a new website for almost any crazy idea I got during the last 5 years. When I published my fitness book, I made a blog for it at thenewfitness.net. When I created Total Web Development Course, I didn’t forget to publish its own microsite.

Then, I started codewithjan.com as a programming blog, smartprofitschool.com as a passive income blog, and todaywp.com as a WordPress-focused blog. Finally, I wanted to create some content in my native Czech language, so I created yet another blog and YouTube channel. I hope you see what’s going on here: pure madness 🙂

I kept collecting websites to the point that I didn’t even know how many of them I had, until I looked at my registrar’s account overview.

Some many websites…

I don’t write this to impress you. On contrary, I want to discourage you from this approach. As Neil Patel once said: “Focus on one project at the time and only start a new one when the original can’t grow anymore”.

Currently, I’m thinking about consolidating all those websites under one umbrella brand of Zavrel Networks, redesign my original blog and use it as a portfolio website because I don’t have the courage to delete all those websites, I put so many wasted hours into.

What this blog is NOT about

Some bloggers were featured on famous magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider. I am not one of them. Some bloggers proudly present each month how they earned thousands of dollars just by blogging. I am not one of them.

And others will promise you riches and overnight success if you buy their special one-time offer. I am not one of them either. The only thing I can promise you is hard work with no sure outcome.

What’s the hard work I am offering here? You have to create digital content from different resources scattered all over the Internet and make it fun and educational.

If you succeed in this endeavor, chances are that you’ll get noticed and people will regularly come to your blog for more quality content.

Why? Because they don’t have time or grit to research resources, weed the shells from the seed and transform the information mess that’s out there into a neat package.

This web is about building online business from scratch, but it’s not about quick wins. It’s about slowly cultivating honest, trustworthy and authentic long-term relationship with your readers. It’s about helping them find solutions to their problems.

Are you up for some serious work? Are you willing to learn, serve and provide the best of you without taking advantage of others and ripping them off? I hope you are and I will do my best to help you on your journey.

What will you get?

I will show you how to properly establish and cultivate your online presence and build your brand with a blog. I will also explain how to create different kinds of digital products and how to find customers without sleazy marketing and shady tactics.

Can you trust me?

I want to say that you can, but you need to find out for yourself and only time will tell whether this blog is just a waste of time or something more for you.

Why am I doing this?

I love learning new stuff and since I can’t keep it all in my head, I wanted to start writing journal. But then I decided to write a blog instead so I could help others by offering my experience and skills.

But I won’t lie to you. I’m also using affiliate marketing to cover my expenses. If you want to support me, the easiest way is to use my affiliate links to products and services I recommend.

It won’t cost you anything, because the fee I receive comes from the marketing budget of vendors.

I also want to make it clear that I don’t recommend products I don’t like only to get a fee.

Isn’t there some easier way to earn money?

Not really. Don’t become a victim of the fake gurus who promote quick rich schemes. Watch this amazing video from James Jani to learn more about the dark truth behind these contrepreneurs and make sure to check great content about fake online gurus produced by Coffeezilla.


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